Warranty Repairs


We repair equipment under APPROVED warranty for all of the manufacturers that we are an authorized service center for. Please be aware that the warranty procedure can add an additional two weeks to the repair turn around time.

You must bring your equipment into the store along with proof of retail purchase receipt during normal business hours. You may always utilize our pick-up and delivery service.

The manufacturer's warranty typically covers defective materials and poor quality workmanship.

The manufacturer's warranty typically does not cover general maintenance, normal wear & tear, abuse/neglect/misuse of equipment, the use of insufficient/contaminated/incorrect oil, the use of contaminated or stale fuel, and the use of gasoline formulated with ethanol greater than 10%.

It is your responsibility to make sure you know what your warranty covers. Please be sure to review your original warranty statement or the manufacturer's website to see exactly what your tool is warrantied for

Download and completely fill out our REQUEST FOR WARRANTY CONSIDERATION FORM. This form must be completely filled out before we can process any and all warranty claims. Please also take notice of the Disclaimer at the bottom of the page. This disclaimer informs you of what happens in the case your warranty claim is declined, included the acceptance of paying our $40 service fee should you not accept our quote for the repairs.


If, within 30 days of your repair, your merchandise fails to operate for reasons related to the initial repair service, we will replace any defective parts installed during the initial repair service and perform any labor related to the initial repair service free of charge. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We do NOT warranty equipment due to abuse, neglect, or misuse by the customer. We also do NOT cover equipment failure due to use of insufficient, contaminated, or incorrect oil or fuel.